Frosty weather brings ideal conditions for anglers to fish for Perch in depth of 25 feet and one to two kilometers from the shore on Cooks Bay, Gilford, Ontario.

Conveniently located less than an hour north of Toronto exit #75 or Hwy. 89 East to Gilford.

An advantage of using an ice-hut operator is they do they’re best to guarantee a catch and Perch tend to be easily caught and everyone has a good time.

Bait and transportation in an enclosed covered sleigh is provided to and from shore.

Before venturing out onto the lake, you must bring a valid fishing license if you are 18 – 64 years of age which can be purchased at your local Canadian Tire, Bass Pro Shop or fishing store.  Terry’s Ice Hut Rentals abides by all MNR regulations.

Limited parking is provided for Terry’s customers. (One car per hut)